brigitte letol scarf in red
brigitte letol scarf in red
brigitte letol scarf in red
brigitte letol scarf in red

Letol Jacquard Brigitte Scarf in Rouge

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A unique jacquard scarf designed and woven at an artisanal atelier in the South of France. Jacquard weaving creates a pattern by interweaving the cotton threads and the technique gives the fabric a luxurious feel and a great texture. In addition the weave is reversible offering the print on both sides in reverse. Letol scarves are made of organic cotton and are washed with the famous 'Savon de Marseille' a traditional hand soap made of vegetable oils that has been produced for around 600 years.

Made from 97% organic cotton, 1% recycled cotton, 1% recycled polyester, 1% other recycled fibres

48cm x 200cm

Machine was at 30° do not bleach or iron

Made in France 

A Létol scarf is 3 times less polluting than its Asian cousin! A recent study by Cycleco shows that French production using organic cotton emits three times less greenhouse gases and pollutes three times less fresh water than similar shirts made in China or India using conventional cotton.