50% off Fiesta

50% off Fiesta

Hi Everyone,

In the spirit of the carnival (which usually falls around this time of year), this week we bring you our half price sale! The summer may have taken a disappointing turn, with great clouds at every corner, but with a fruity headdress and a good dose of colour you can easily bring yourself some cheer, especially when there is 50% off.

With love and bargains
Rachael & Janet

One Life Orange Jane Top £27.50

Robell Electric Purple Bella Stretch £27.50

Orientique Sarakiniko Dress £39.50

Sahara Linen Duster Shirt £74.50

Pour Moi Trapeze Dress £34.50

Foil Parrot Dress £39.50

Pomodoro Mango Handy Summer Cardigan £27.50

One Life Grace Yellow Top £19.50

Collectif Banana Skirt £29.50


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