Busy Like Bees

Busy Like Bees

Hi Everyone, 

This year's Lantern Festival has been cancelled, but with standard Ulverston spirit lanterns are still being made and will be displayed from peoples homes on the 19th September. The theme this year is BIRDS & BEES and you can pick up a lantern kit in the Market or at Appleseeds.
Meanwhile, we are channelling our inner bumble here at 2x2. We are busy like bees, unpacking boxes and crooning over new knitwear. We will get it all up on our website as soon as we can!   

With love
Rachael & Janet

Didriksons raincoat £69

Chalk Bev Jumpsuit £69

Didriksons Rain Hat £29

Two Danes Polo £33

MAC Dream Chic £99

Doris & Dude Bamboo Bees Knees Knee Socks £9 (FREE with your Dream Jeans!)


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