Cherry Season

Cherry Season

Hello All!
Presenting the new Onikawa Collection from Orientique which brings the spirit of Japan and its cherry blossom season to your newsfeed. Including flying cranes, cute ornamental cats, towering pagodas and of course pretty pink cherry blooms, this really is a feast for the eyes. Spring is SO late to bloom here in Cumbria and we simply cannot wait for it to arrive!
with love 🌸🩷🌸🩷
Janet and Rachael XOXO

Orientique Symi Cotton Top £57 
Aran Mills Donegal Tweed Cardigan £129


Orientique Reversible Dress in Onikawa Print £79
Aran Mills Donegal Tweed Cardigan £129


Orientique Symi Bubble Dress £79
Didriksons Annema Jacket £125
Brakeburn Sea View Cross Body Bag £39


Orientique Onikawa Peak Dress £79


Orientique Onikawa Reversible Dress £79

Aran Mills Cable Cardigan £110

Aran Mills Cable Cardigan £110
Orientique Onikawa Layered Dress £79


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