Climb every mountain

Hi Everyone,

This week something new to the 2x2 window. Australian designer and photographer Saffrine Nydegger, has cherry picked her favourite images from her global travels and transported them onto cloth to create a collection for the truly adventurous soul. When we saw them we couldn't help but want to follow, stunning images with fantastic colours, comfortable and versatile shapes and all ethically made in luxurious, responsibly sourced, natural fibres. In short fashion treasure.

Are you ready? Lets go, we are heading high up into the Himalayas where the snow is crisp and the sky is blue and where colourful prayer flags flutter on the breeze. These flags are strung up as high as they can go so the prayers and blessings they carry will catch the wind and spread to all living beings.

Until next week, take care
With love
Rachael & Janet 

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