Dress Code

Dress Code

With the sun shining it finally feels appropriate to discuss dresses. We have many dresses but to be frank they have been feeling blue, both with sadness at not getting worn and actually blue with cold. So while the sun shines, here is our spring summer 21 dress edit, and if the sun stops shining, the 2x2 motto (thanks to Noel Streatfield) stands firm ...  "there is no doubt a new dress is a help under all circumstances" ...
I'll be back with more news in a few weeks as I'm off on my holidays next week and very much hoping for dress weather :)

Keep well and swish your skirts
With love

Rachael & Janet

Circus Sunflower Dress £73
Two Danes Spot Sundress £69
Mistral Coconut Dress £64.99

Circus Lily Print Dress £79
Nomads Wave Dress £79
Seasalt Terrace Garden Dress £65

Circus Graphic Floral Dress £75
Sahara Painted Floral Dress £175
Seasalt Quick Sketch Dress £59.95

Circus Helsinki Midi Dress £79
Mistral Button Placket Dress £59.99
Seasalt Top terrace Dress £69.95

Foil Bubble & Squeak Lantern Hem dress £115
Robell Cherry Jacquard Dress £70
Sahara Cosmos Print Dress £175

Nomads Cairo Dress £59
Two Danes Animal Floral Dress £79
Nomads Chambray dress £70

Nomads Chambray Midi Chambray Dress £75
Two Danes Hiro Dress £95
Two Danes Lacia Linen Dress £89

Seasalt Peak Harvest Dress £75
Milano Olive Green Buffet Dress £89
Two Danes Thorid Dress £79

Orientique Australia Algarve Bubble Dress £89
Ralston Laika Dress £169
Orientique Australia Pampolona Bubble Dress £89

Costa Brava £69 
Morocco £69
Mexico £69

Ralston Selma Dress £155
Mistral Bouquet Dress £54.99
Vero Moda Ditsy Floral Dress £45


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