Garden Party

Garden Party

Hello Everyone,

This week will see the return of the rule of 6, when folks will be allowed once again meet outside in a small group. Our gardens will be blooming with buds and shoots and happy faces enjoying a catch up. I've enjoyed putting this window together, the colours are divine and the idea of a garden party for 6 is very exciting!

With love
Rachael & Janet

Garden Party Tee by Orientique £33
Green Fingers Cotton Sweater by Seasalt £59.95

Celery Swing Tee by Two Danes £45
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Dill Pickle Raincoat by Normann £120

MAC Rosemary Dream Jeans £99
Green Fingers Cotton Sweater by Seasalt £59.95

Foil Radish Pink Tee £56
Ants in your MAC Ollive Cargo Pants £99

Pick your favourite!

Good Weed Jacket by Didriksons £125
Radish Tee by Two Danes £39

One Trick Peony Dress by Milano £89
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