Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Hello Everyone,

This may be our second lockdown Easter but we are hopeful that this time next week we will be getting ready to open our doors, let the sunlight in and welcome you all back! We are really looking forward to it and thrilled to have a shop full of happy summer stock, that has made its way to us despite the many challenges facing trade at the moment.  In the window this week, a tribute to Easter and spring and what we hope will be a fantastic summer ahead of us. We've cracked out the shorts but cautiously teamed them with some cosy knitwear that has just arrived, (only 4 months late, did I mention there were challenges!) The upside, they will be on sale to you!

Wishing you a peaceful and happy long weekend
With love

Rachael & Janet

How lovely it will be to wear shorts and sandals again!

Spring Chicken T-Shirt by Brakeburn £32
Cracking Shorts £45
Open Skies Sandals £45

For now a sweater is your shorts best friend

Rainbow Sweater by Danefae on Sale for £49
Cracking Shorts by Brakeburn £45
Open Skies Sandals by Seasalt £45
Pack your Picnic Rucksack by Brakeburn £49


Put some sunshine in your step!

Sunshine Sweatshirt by Brakeburn £45
Boyfriend Jeans by Mac £89

Every day tee and sweatshirt with a bit of rainbow egg-stra!

Rainbow Trimmed T-shirt by Brakeburn £29
Rainbow Trimmed Sweatshirt by Brakeburn £59


Snowflake Sweater by Danefae from £89 to £49
Rainbow Sweater by Danefae from £89 to £49

Keep your shorts cosy!

Snowflake Cardigan by Danefae from £89 to £49

Sunset Tee by Brakeburn £35
Danefae Snowflake Cardigan from £89 to £49
Cracking Shorts by Brakeburn £45
Open Skies Sandals by Seasalt £45

Sunshine Sweatshirt by Brakeburn £49
Spring Chicken Tee by Brakeburn £32


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