Lockdown Burns

Lockdown Burns

Hi Everyone,

Tartan and tweed is the standard late January 2x2 window and normally we might be looking forward to a little jolly on Burns Night. Alas it will be a jig and a dram in the kitchen this year. I'll be raising my glass with the Burns greeting "Sláinte Mhath!", pronounced "Slanj'-uhva" to you all, which very appropriately translates to, Good Health! Keep well everyone and do send me snaps of your lockdown Burns, it will cheer me up no end! 

With love and haggis
Rachael & Janet

Strip the Willow Sweater £120
Britannia Two Step Bum bag £29
Ceilidh Cowl £49

Red Rose Reels Poncho £75
Speed the Plough Sweater £120

Cumnberland Square Cardigan £159
Red Rose Reels Scarf £59
Dashing White Sergeant Dotty Shirt £39 

Postie's Jig Poncho £125
Wind on Lock Fyne Waterproof Sou'ester £29

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