Lockdown Loose

Hi Everyone,

As I was browsing through the rails this week, deciding what to put in the window, I noticed I was leaning heavily towards the more comfortable styles. I found myself feeling positive about the floaty tops, attracted to the jersey dresses and more than excited about the the lounge pants.
Its week 10 of lockdown and anything with an elasticated waist or oversized attitude has made the cut. 

Until next week
Stay comfy
With love and elastane
Rachael & Janet

Mistral lockdown loose cotton top £39.99


Milano lazy in linen trousers £49

Foil Lazy in linen pink top 

Pomodoro mellow in yellow linen dress £45

Ochre put your feet up cotton sweater £65

Milano lazy in linen trousers £49

Veg out in the Milano cotton cardigan £45

And Two Danes veg out top which is this weeks special offer

Mistral comfy club cotton cardigan £29

Mistral lockdown loose cotton top £39.99

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