Love Linen

Love Linen

Linens love a warm breeze and golden rays, they like to hang loose and soak up vitamin D. Linens get cranky when its damp and cold and they very much disapprove of wind and rain. The only way we could bribe our linens to grace the window was if we wrapped them in some cosy Irish knitwear. So this week, its an Irish linen combo, lets hope its a linen linen one sometime soon

Until then keep cosy
With love

Rachael & Janet

The ultimate relaxed fit linen shirt by Milano £69
Available in Roomy Red
Wide Fit White
and Boxy Black

NEW from Fisherman out of Ireland 
Luxury merino cashmere blend swing fit cardigan £149

Available in Lifebuoy Orange
Everyday Grey
and Lifebuoy Grey Tweed

Bribe your linen to make an appearance with some cosy Irish Knitwear

Milano Wide Fit White Shirt £69
Fisherman out of Ireland Raglan Cable Cardigan £149

Grizas Linen Dress £175
Fisherman out of Ireland Raglan cardigan £149

NEW Teal Grey Donegal Tweed by Fisherman out of Ireland
Available in both Rollneck and Polo Neck both £125

Linens love knitwear

Two Danes Linen Dress £89
Fisherman out of Ireland Old favourite Cardigan £159

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