Parrot Fashion

Parrot Fashion

Birds of a feather have flocked together to create this truly cheerful window. We remain hopeful that the temperatures will rise any minute and the time for parrot fashion will come soon! 

With love 
Rachael & Janet


Foil What the Flock Tee £45
Stehmann Hibiscus Linen Capris £65

Sahara Periwinkle Linen Sundress £165
Mansted Cotton Slub Cardigan £65
Orientique Digital Print Scarf Oriental £35

Sahara Pink Linen Dress £159
Oriental Digital Print Scarf Caribbean £35

Foil Blazer of Glory £122
Mudd & Water Organic Cotton Tee £29
also available in olive and teal

Foil What the Flock T-Shirt Dress £69
Vero Moda Relax Fit Denim Jacket £36

Grizas Linen Shirt in Aqua £129
Foil Split Screen Linen Crops £89
Orientique Digital Print Scarf Oriental £35

Ralston Purple Balloon Pants £139
Orientique Fruity Tee £35
Orientique Digital Print Scarf Aegean £35

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