Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice

Mum and I are off on our holidays tomorrow, but we couldn't leave without adding some pumpkin spice to the window for Halloween. It's a palette of soft neutrals warmed up by that pumpkin patch glow and some really cosy coats. On the whole we would say most of these items are a treat, but some of them have a few tricks up their sleeves too!

With love
Rachael & Janet


Country pumpkin or city spice?

Nobel wilde Moss Stitch Cowl £169
Milano Slumberjack Shirt £119
Mac Cargos £99

Who can resist all things nice!

Brakeburn Quilted Jacket £99
Pia Rossini Animal Instinct Scarf £27
Pia Rossini Leopard Hat £35
Nobel Wilde Fingerless Gloves £27

This one's a treat!
all the best thinks come in shiny wrappers

Foil Rose Gold Major Tom Puffer Coat £99
Pia Rossini Space Cadet £25

... and now for a TRICK!
a sleeping bag disguised as a coat

Brakeburn Sleeping Bag Coat £139
Kusan Cut the Mustard Hat £35

and for my next trick...
quilted or waterproof?

Seasalt Reversible Near Shore Coat £150
Kusan Walk in the Woods Hat £28

what did the pumpkin say to the pumpkin carver?
cut it out

Seasalt Planthunter £160
Seasalt Sailor Shirt £29.95
Seasalt Very Clever Gloves £25
Kusan Teal Appeal Hat £29

Happy Halloween everyone!

Foil Fluffy or Noting Cardigan £79
Seasalt Shore Breakers Tunic £69.95
Kusan Caramel Reindeer Hat £29

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