The Baltic Blues

The Baltic Blues

Hello Everyone!
The mercury has plummeted and there is snow on the hills yet, at least today in Ulverston, the sun still shines. With that in mind, this weeks edit includes some mermaid blues from Orientique Australia and some new fleecy layers from By Basics which will be available to order across the year. Having these cosy items to hand is just comforting while considering light cottons and linens. Mermaids and Mermen we present the Baltic Blues.

With love
Rachael & Janet



Grizas Jumping Bean Jumpsuit £165

Orientique Cannes Blouse £49

By Basics Cosy Turtle Tunic £139

Orientique Cannes Buffet Dress £79
Vero Moda Relax Fit Denim Jacket £36

By Basics Cosy Turtle Top £120

Mansted Longline Cotton Cardigan £85
Orientique Cannes Tiered Dress £69

By Basics White Linen Shirt £125

By Basics Cosy Turtle Top £120
Orientique Cannes Bubble Dress £75

By Basics Cosy Coatigan £189

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