Wild Woollens

Wild Woollens

 This week a treat from the Yorkshire Dales. We have a small collection of knitwear treasure from Sophies Wild Woollens of Dent. Many will know of and already own a piece of this beautiful, hardwearing, felted knitwear with its unique hand crafted buttons. It has a distinct handprint and is instantly recognisable and just a handful of pieces is enough to fill the shop with the glorious smell of wool. Enjoy!

With love
Rachael & Janet 

Sophies A Line Jacket £199

Sophies Peacoat £189

Two Danes Polo Neck £33 

MAC Dream Slim Saffron Jeans £99

Sophies Cropped Cocoon Cardi £179

Chalk Jumpsuit £69

Sophies Boxy Jumper with Stripes £179

Robell Cherry Needle Cords £59.99

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