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Eribe Mens/Unisex Corry Raglan Sweater in Nebula

Eribe Mens/Unisex Corry Raglan Sweater in Nebula

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This is a classic shape that was designed using the artist smock for inspiration. Featuring a relaxed fit with versatile hems on both collar and cuff which can be rolled inside and out and made shorter or longer as desired. The mens version is the same fit as the women's with the exception the hem is the same length front and back whereas the women's version has an inch longer at the back than the front.

It is made from 100% Yorkshire spun merino lambswool that has been knitted to feel like luxury fleece. The Corry Raglan takes comfort and warmth to the next level.

Hand wash only, see our Knitwear Care Guide for top tips

Made from 100% merino wool spun in Yorkshire

Designed and made in Scotland

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